Shlomi Haziza

From a young age, HStudio founder Shlomi Haziza was declaring his presence in the art world. Coming from a family of artists who cultivated his confidence to pursue his passion, Haziza started as a painter and later began to explore new mediums. Running a small studio in his hometown launched his journey to Los Angeles, which in turn, manifested a leading art and contemporary design studio.

Acrylic is the most sophisticated material Haziza has mastered to date. He was one of the first innovators of this unforgiving medium, and now is a world leader in acrylic art and design. Haziza’s work has grown to include sculptures, pedestals, furniture, lighting, waterfalls, rugs, fashion and more. At HStudio, the Los Angeles headquarters, new and unique designs are constantly in development and are hand made in the USA. His work has been collected by celebrities and art enthusiasts, featured in national and international publications, and has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.

Haziza has proven time and again that artistic vision, combined with spirit and determination, can create innovations that are truly original. HStudio has become a luxurious and innovative brand name that embodies color, energy, and passion for life.

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  1. Mark

    Hello Shlomi. How about designing an LP storage unit with Priscilla Presley. I think the vintage music association would be a very interesting draw. You may recall I consulted you with an idea for an acrylic unit. Still have to get one!

    Good to see you back in downtown LA!


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